Egypt Gemaizah 1888 & Khedives Star stamped Cpl Way 1st Welch Regiment

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    Egypt Medal clasp Gemaizah 1888 named 733 L/CPL W WAY 1/WELCH R & Khedives Star undated stamped on back WEL 733.

    William Way born 1868 in Morchard Bishop, Exeter and was a labourer in civilian life when he enlisted into the 1st Welch Regiment no 5th June 1884. He previously belonged to the 1st Glamorgan Rifle Volunteers, Taitach. After training he landed in Egypt in Dec 1886 and left in Aug 1889 to Malta and then home to the UK in Apr 1892. He left after 12 years service in May 1896 as a Cpl.