GSM Kurdistan & Iraq Capt Wilkinson Royal Field Artillery & Military Police

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    General Service Medal clasps Kurdistan & Iraq named CAPT L C R WILKINSON.

    Leonard Charles Richard Wilkinson born 18th Jan 1891 in Wandsworth. He attend St Olaves Grammar School and was a Detective in the Special Branch Criminal Investigation Department at New Scotland Yard - resigned in Nov 1915. He had military training in the Surrey Imperial Yeomanry in 1906 to 1908 as a Trooper.

    He gained a Commission in Nov 1915 with the Royal Field Artillery with the 92nd Anti Aircraft Gun Section and was sent to Asher in Dec 1915 then Basarah in 1916. In Aug 1918 admitted to hospital for a few days with sickness. Sept 1918 post to Commissioner of Police Baghdad. In March 1921 he was at last demobbed.