Memorial Plaque and Scroll Pte Liddle 13th Royal Scots WIA x 2 and KIA 9th April 1917

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Memorial Plaque named JAMES DUNBAR LIDDLE & original scroll named PTE JAMES DUNBAR LIDDLE ROYAL SCOTS.

James Dunbar Liddle born in 1895 in Dundee and previously was in the Dundee Battery RFA when he enlisted into the Royal Scots numbered 27033. He was with the 3rd Battalion till March 1916 and then moved to the 13th Battalion where he landed in France on 1st April 1916 with them.

On the 5th may 1916 he was wounded in action with a Gun Shot Wound to his head but he recovered in France and returned to his unit on 11th June 1916. On 19th Aug 1916 he was again in hospital this time he was wounded in action with concussion from a shell but was back with his unit on 29th Aug 1916. He spent a couple of days in hospital in Dec 1916 but recovered.

On 9th April 1917 he was killed in action aged 27 years old moving forward from Spiders Corner, Arras and is buried in Cabaret Rouge Cemetery.