MGS Toulouse & Orthes & Waterloo Medal WIA Pte Game 2nd Batt 95th Foot

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Military General Service Medal clasps Orthes & Toulouse named SAMUEL GAME 95TH FOOT & Waterloo Medal named * * SAMUEL GAME 2ND BATT 95TH REG FOOT ***. The Waterloo has a later steel clip and split ring suspension with traces of brooch mounting and edge naming details worn in places see pictures.

Provenance: Baldwin 1936, Haighton Collection 1988, Sotheby, July 1993, Spinks July 2016 & DCM Medals 2016.

Samuel Game born in Hereford in 1891 and enlisted into the 95th Foot on 25th Nov 1809 and was involved in the French Wars and the Battle of Waterloo where he was wounded in the Arm (all confirmed in his service papers). He was released due to wounds after 5 years and 344 days in service on 4 Dec 1815.